Monday, May 17, 2010

Talent House Scholarship!

The Art Department, conceived by the world renowned faculty behind The Illustration Academy, The Visual Literacy Program and, are offering a chosen member of Talenthouse the chance to win a scholarship to their intensive four-week Illustration Academy summer program in 2011 that utilizes total immersion to shorten the learning curve for aspiring artists.

All you have to do is create an illustration that will be used as a promotional "Call for Portfolios" for submissions to attend The Art Department in 2010. The subject matter is open, but must be palatable, and should help to communicate the idea of "Call for Portfolios".

For complete information, please visit Talent House!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Illustration Academy Update: C.F. Payne and Jason Manley!

TAD RVA and The Illustration Academy can now confirm that C.F. Payne and Jason Manley will also be Visiting Artists during this summer's Illustration Academy in Richmond. We are very excited to add such great talents to our already stellar lineup!

C.F. Payne is an artist-illustrator whose artwork has graced the covers of Time Magazine, Readers Digest, Sports Illustrated, The New York Times Book Review and Sunday Magazine, MAD Magazine, der Spiegel, U.S. News and World Report, The Atlantic Monthly, Texas Monthly, Boys Life and more. He has been commissioned to paint countless politicians, authors and entertainers. He has illustrated ten children’s picture books, including The Remarkable Farkle McBride and Micawber, written by John Lithgow.

His artwork has been exhibited at The Cincinnati Art Museum, The National Portrait Gallery, The Norman Rockwell Museum, The Society of Illustrators Museum of American Illustration, The Selby Gallery at Ringling College of Art and Design and numerous college and university galleries.

Jason Manley is the President of The Art Department, Massive Black, and ConceptArt.Org. He has helped Massive Black to amass the largest client list in the industry, including all 20 of the top 20 video game publishers and more than 175 other studios and corporations. Projects they have worked on include God of War 3, Starcraft 2, Killzone 2, Sonic, Tony Hawk, Dragon Age, Army of Two, Fallout 3, and Guitar Hero. In addition to their game work they have worked for major feature films including Transformers and Transformers 2, television commercials, books, and more.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Illustration Academy at TAD RVA - Visiting Artists

TAD RVA is very proud to announce the following artists have been confirmed as visiting artists for the upcoming Illustration Academy in Richmond.

Jon Foster

In Jon's own words: Hello my name is Jon Foster. I live in Rhode Island, work out of my house, share the studio with two dogs and can not imagine anything better! The art work I make a living at encompasses everything from Sci Fi Fantasy book covers to National Geographic interiors to story boards and concept work in games and film. As well as being lucky enough to win several awards for my cover work I have also been given the opportunity to publish two compilations of my art, the first being Progressions: The Art of Jon Foster and the second Revolution: The Art of Jon Foster. While I have been working as an illustrator for over fifteen years I have also been teaching, both at Rhode Island School of Design and The Illustration Academy. The latter opened my eyes to how an art education should be presented both in content, tutorage and passion.

Anita Kunz

In Anita's own words: I’ve been a free lance illustrator for almost 30 years. I’ve done advertising and book work but the majority of my clients have been magazines. My work can best be described as social and political commentary, with a healthy dash of humor!

I work mainly traditionally, using acrylics and watercolors on board, but I’ve recently gotten a bit more digital.

I’ve done a number of covers for The New Yorker magazine and Time magazine, I have done dozens of rock and roll portraits for Rolling Stone, and my other clients include The New York Times, The London Sunday Times, The Atlantic Monthly, Newsweek and many others.

I’ve also shown my work in galleries and museums nationally and internationally. I’m currently dividing my time between commercial and fine art. If you would like to see more, please visit (illustration) and (fine art)

I’ve won lots of awards, and the recent one is excited about is that I’ve been named an Officer of the Order of Canada, (which is sort of like the Canadian version of a knighthood.)..along with Neil Young and Wayne Gretzky!

I’ve been proud to have been part of the Illustration Academy from its inception. I love teaching and I’m very excited about the future of illustration and this school.

John English

In John's own words: I have made my living as an artist my entire adult life. I left college at the age of 20 during my junior year and began my career. Over the last 29 years I have worked as an Illustrator and most recently I have been painting for galleries.

My education as an artist was very different from most I was extremely fortunate to have Mark English as my father and teacher. At a young age I was introduced to his peers and the professional community that he was such a large part of. The value of acquiring real and accurate information from the giants in the industry was irreplaceable.

After 15 years of accumulating clients like News Week, Esquire, Chrysler, Boeing, Bantam Books, NCAA and many others my father and I developed The Illustration Academy. We developed the Academy to bridge the gap from academia to the professional community, to fill the void left by the Art and Design Colleges and to give students the best opportunity to pursue a career in the arts.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


The TAD RVA site is well under way, and construction will be completed very soon. We'll keep everyone posted with progress as things continue to develop. We have a lot to do before The Academy begins at the end of the month, and we can't wait to open the doors on May 30th.

For anyone wanting to see our facilities, instructors, technology, and students in action, we will be holding an Open House the last week of the Academy. The date will be June 23rd, and is subject to change. Our visiting artist is TBA, but you can count on it being an industry Icon.

Seats are still available for the Illustration Academy. The program has never been more affordable, or more convenient with locations in both Richmond, VA and Kansas City. Financing may be available with a deposit of 25%. Feel free to contact me for more information at or 1 + (804) 306.9536

Thursday, May 6, 2010

FREE TAD online class this weekend!

Empower your Artwork in TAD's Online Digital & Traditional Images Class on Saturday. Improve your artwork with a FREE online art education experience like no other! Join a stellar group of the biggest names in art for live demonstrations by Jon Foster and Cryptcrawler. Enjoy video and image presentations with simultaneous live roundtable discussions by George Pratt, Sterling Hundley John English, Brent Watkinson, Jason Manley and special guests who will put a smile on your creative face and help you empower your portfolio from here on out.

When: Saturday May 8th 2010 central 12-3PM central daylight time (Austin TX time)
Where: Right here on ConceptArt.Org (you will be sent a link)
How: We will announce shortly!

You will learn. Your art will improve with this information.

Yeah. You heard me. It's free. No strings. Three hours of world class art education to help you with your skills.

Some of you are going to move way too slowly to get in on this. Don't fret. Miss it and you can see it free On Demand too!!! Best part is, this is just an example of what we are going to be doing every month in until the end of the year.

TAD presents this award winning group of artists for you ConceptArt.Org. Again the first three hundred students can attend live. On Demand is free too! If you don't make it Sat you can catch it on any day or night you like. Space is limited to 300 viewers at one time, so you may need to be patient. This is going to be absolutely full of information and inspiration. I hope you will check it out.

We will be announcing the process of admissions for the live students shortly. But this is your official heads up and keep your eyes peeled!