Monday, May 17, 2010

Talent House Scholarship!

The Art Department, conceived by the world renowned faculty behind The Illustration Academy, The Visual Literacy Program and, are offering a chosen member of Talenthouse the chance to win a scholarship to their intensive four-week Illustration Academy summer program in 2011 that utilizes total immersion to shorten the learning curve for aspiring artists.

All you have to do is create an illustration that will be used as a promotional "Call for Portfolios" for submissions to attend The Art Department in 2010. The subject matter is open, but must be palatable, and should help to communicate the idea of "Call for Portfolios".

For complete information, please visit Talent House!


  1. Hello again!
    OH, I just can't believe that there's this amazing oportunity - even if I'm just in the beginning of my "awakening" in arts, I'll have to try it out, who knows???
    Thanks for this Ster!

  2. Rafael,

    Best of luck. I'm excited to see the results of the competition!