Saturday, May 8, 2010


The TAD RVA site is well under way, and construction will be completed very soon. We'll keep everyone posted with progress as things continue to develop. We have a lot to do before The Academy begins at the end of the month, and we can't wait to open the doors on May 30th.

For anyone wanting to see our facilities, instructors, technology, and students in action, we will be holding an Open House the last week of the Academy. The date will be June 23rd, and is subject to change. Our visiting artist is TBA, but you can count on it being an industry Icon.

Seats are still available for the Illustration Academy. The program has never been more affordable, or more convenient with locations in both Richmond, VA and Kansas City. Financing may be available with a deposit of 25%. Feel free to contact me for more information at or 1 + (804) 306.9536


  1. I am excited to bike from our place to here, sit by the river, and draw. Are there any coffee shops being built in the new construction?

  2. Andrew,

    We will share a wall with a restaurant that serves both breakfast fare/coffee shop and a full dinner menu. It will be open in 60- 90 days- not in time for the Academy, but soon thereafter for TAD! Oh yeah, rumor has it that the chef is World Class!

  3. Our reception on Sunday the 30th from 6-8pm will begin down by the river on the picnic tables and grill that you see in the first picture.

  4. Andrew,
    Glogbehopper is right up the street. They French press Counter Culture coffee, their espresso preperation could use some work though. They have a great patio out back.

    Ronnie's is an awesome BBQ place that sets up in a parking lot nearby. Cheap!

    Millie's is world class refined Southern cooking in a quaint 200 year old brick building. Always packed though.

    All along the river in Shockoe Bottom, and Shockoe slip there are many things to draw. Old tobacco warehouses that have been renovated, cobblestone streets, river stuff, plenty of cafe life, Segways! The other day while riding my bike down there I witnessed two sets of baby geese. Have to draw them fast because momma goose doesn't like people.