Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fall 2011: OIL!

Another semester of TAD down, two more to go. This past semester was definitely really hard, and very focused on oil painting. I really need to update my blog on a regular basis to avoid large art dumps. For this post, they are all oil paintings!

The first one is a plein air, the second is a pear study painted with the help of Josh George, the third is my final for still life painting, and it's my biggest painting yet although I cannot remember the size at the moment, the fourth is an hour long quick painting of sardines under a light (so the smell will make you paint faster), the fifth is a figure painting using the Zorn palette, the sixth is a painting of a sculpture that Jon Foster made, and the seventh is a figure painting of my good friend Kaitlin Demayo in her Hans Solo costume.

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