Monday, October 10, 2011

So Far, In The Art Department

It's about time that I introduce myself to you all! I'm Allison Smith, and I'm currently in The Art Department's one year career mentorship program. I hope to have a career in visual storytelling through comics and animation, two loves of mine for as long as I can remember. Since August, it has already been an incredible experience, from attending the Kansas City summer workshop to churning out art 24/7 at the Richmond POD. This year, I'm set on working as hard as I can, posting my work and progress on this site, and meeting fellow (and future) TAD students like myself.

To start off, I've been enjoying our weekly figure drawing sessions. I can see the difference in my work just from doing these exercises. Drawing from life gives me the most inspiration.

Because the career mentorship program is very self-driven, I've been working on an ambitious but exciting project. Here's a teaser of my work-in-progress. I can't reveal too much, so more will be revealed soon...Until then, I hope you've enjoyed this post!

Allison Smith


  1. go go Allison! can't wait to see what the final project is.

  2. I'm stoked for you, Allison! :) Your future is bright my friend.

  3. Allison- I'm very excited to see your progress in the development of this major project!