Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Josh George/Sterling Hundley Demo Videos!

Videos of the demos by Josh George and Sterling Hundley courtesy of Chance Godwin.

TAD RVA Open House Demo: Josh George from Chance Godwin on Vimeo.

TAD RVA Open House: Sterling Hundley from Chance Godwin on Vimeo.


  1. Way to go George, way to to Hundley!

  2. Thanks Doug- Wish you were here today. We had quite a gathering of artists in Richmond this evening- Josh and I were there, Jeff Love, Jenna Chew, Robert Meganck, Andrew Wright, Edward Kinsella III, Kelly Alder, and Kyle Webster! Awesome night. Just a glimpse into what is beginning to happen here.

    Looking forward to getting rolling with the Academy at the end of May!

  3. what a great amount of knowledge! thank you thank you!

  4. You're right, Sterling - all we were missing was Doug! Looking forward to seeing you in June, Doug.

    Q: You're welcome!

  5. Hi, I'm just watching Josh's demo and didn't quite catch what glue he uses? "...and I just glue things down with (??)"

    I think it was around 2:30, just after he shows the pink striped paper.

    On a semi-related note; do you have any suggestions for what I should use to glue canvas to canvas (that's been painted with oils)?

  6. Simon,

    I believe that Josh is just using Matte Medium as his glue. Regarding canvas to oils- that's risky business. Possibly try sewing. Take a look at the work of Manolo Valdes for some beautiful work utilizing that approach. Picasso also worked back and forth between collage and paint. Some of his videos may give you some insight.



  7. Sterling,

    I think Josh was using "Amsterdam" Extra Heavy Gloss Gel medium as his glue.


  8. Thanks for having a watch. I use Gel Medium to glue down stuff, the heavier the better for me. Though matte medium works just as well. Manolo Valdes does some crazy things with collage and paint. He works with burlap and metal and paint and whatever else is laying around. And the are quite monumental. For gluing canvas to canvas tha already ha oils on it you might just want to use OIL PAINT itself as an adhesive. It will bond with whatever is already on there. Take a while to dry and it will be messy but maybe you can use that mess to your advantage. You can't bond water on a ducks back but you can bond a duck to a ducks back.

  9. Thanks, Sterling.
    Hmmm, I did think about sewing. Interesting to see how Manolo's approached it, too. Thanks for the namedrop.


  10. Sorry for the confusion Josh. Gel medium it is then. As far as gluing a duck to a duck's back- would you use duck sauce?

    Simon- my pleasure. Josh and Jeff both gave some solid advice, as well.