Friday, March 19, 2010

The Art Department - Richmond VA

The Art Department is a career driven art school, designed by industry leading artists to train students to manage the reality of being successful in today’s digital creative world. It is a program deeply rooted in historical foundations, and one open to theory and ideas from all artistic paths. The Art Department provides the well-rounded foundation and tools for students to succeed. When it comes down to it, every art student has one thing on common, and that is the question “How do I get my art and life where I want it to be?” The professionals who have answered this question for themselves and demonstrated the highest levels of success are those guiding the students to reach their goals.

At the Art Department, artists have the ability to become established, successful, and famous by getting the information they need to create a portfolio of professional work. The school faculty is connected, through the Illustration Academy, the ConceptArt.Org community, and Massive Black to the largest pool of entertainment developers, toy makers, book and comic publishers, international print publications, multi-media distribution channels, video game publishers, game developers, social media creators, film studios, visual effects houses, and leading fine art galleries anywhere. The days of being lucky to be exposed to 20 or 30 companies during art school are of the past. The Art Department has the ability to expose its students, who earn their stripes along the way, directly to the world of art.

It is The Art Department’s goal to provide the place where the next generation of artists can learn both online and in-person, from some of the most successful professionals in the industry. Options in the The Art Department exist to learn exclusively over the internet, online and in immersive workshops, or in person in four major U.S. cities (San Francisco CA, Austin TX, Kansas City MO, and Richmond VA). The curriculum is strict, but fluid. The lessons are adapted to the individual’s needs and goals, and his or her level advances according to the skills mastered.

In The Art Department, there are no degrees, nor pass or fail. Students are here to learn along with their instructors, and while the atmosphere is amicable and personal, it is disciplined as well. The students will be evaluated and their instruction begun accordingly. The program runs between 15 and 30 months depending on whether a student is awarded advanced placement. Ultimately, it depends on where each student is with their art knowledge and how quickly they progress. Advanced placement can be achieved by demonstrating that the student understands the necessary content through their portfolio.

Zero and low interest student loans are available to those who qualify and early tuition discounts are there for those who are ready. Two million dollars in scholarships are available to be awarded to the top students who apply and to those with severe financial need and talent to match. At The Art Department, the portfolio means everything. If you are an artist interested in career success or a parent seeking to find the right education for your son or daughter, this unique program is an informative, inspiring, and industry connected launch pad helping students to reach the biggest dreams.

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